Wan Medical Clinic Fake Vaccine

Clinic Faking Vaccine Records Flooded with 5-Star Reviews A Week Ago

Wan Clinic was suspended for faking Covid-19 vaccine records. The doctor, Jipson Quah and his assistant, Thomas Chua, helped to falsely declare that someone was vaccinated. They conspired with anti-vax group Healing The Divide.

The clinic used to receive mixed reviews. But just one week ago, there was a flood of 5-star reviews. People would praise the doctor and his staff for being “empathetic” and going “the extra mile”.

Are these reviews by anti-vaxxers? It seems like the clinic’s reviews are also fake.

The doctor and his assistant certainly went “the extra mile” by doing something illegal. They and the anti-vaxxers never spared a thought about the safety of Singaporeans. Is this their way of healing the divide? How are 5-star reviews going to help them now?