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377A – Why Does The Government Keep Laws That They Don’t Enforce?

[Contributed by Vance] Just today (28 Feb), the Court of Appeal once again dismissed challenges to Section 377A of the Penal Code. For those who are unfamiliar, 377A criminalizes sex between men. The government likes to give a “don’t worry, it’s just there but we’re not enforcing it”.

What is the point of all the laws that our government keeps in our rule book but doesn’t enforce? This is what I think.

If you piss them off they have more stuff to use against you

Just in case you make them so angry, but they have nothing else to use against you, at least they have these to fall back on. Look at the way they blow things up when it comes to anyone opposing them?

So one day if you piss them off and they can’t hold you against anything, don’t be surprised if you suddenly receive a charge because you once forgot to bring your clothes to the bathroom and had to run to your room while naked. (In case you didn’t know, being naked in your own house is also illegal). After that, watch as the local media somehow paint you as a pervert who loves being naked.

They want to make sure you know they are the boss

Having laws that they don’t enforce is also another way for our government to maintain an authoritarian hold on its people. It’s their way of saying, “what happens behind your closed doors, and in fact behind all the closed doors in the country is still our business”.

They don’t even need to enforce it. Just having the law there allows them to wave it at you threateningly just so you’ll feel frightened of the fact that they might have something to hold you against.

Dear conservatives, no it’s not about you.

You must be delusional to think that the government is keeping 377A there just so that they get conservative votes. Maybe they are afraid of losing your votes, but it’s more than that. It’s all about making sure we know who’s in charge.

I truly doubt they care about what gay people do in their bedrooms.