Dear PM Lee, Do you Think PAP is Good Enough to Teach WP about Integrity?

Lee Hsien Loong recently gave a long speech in parliament about upholding integrity. It was as if he was teaching everyone, especially the Workers’ Party, about good character and democracy. But is the PAP anywhere better?

A man who could not stand it wrote to him about how they should be the ones upholding integrity.

Seeing how some COP members were questioning Pritam Singh, Faisal Manap and Sylvia Lim, I could not help but feel that it was a political inquisition of the opposition rather than a fact-finding tribunal…

The targets were the WP leadership and not the transgressor Raeesah Khan. They were questioned like common-law criminals (without the benefit of legal counsel) and not as elected members of the House.

He said they “openly tormented” Pritam Singh and behaved like “a pack of wolves devouring their prey”. They acted like they already found him guilty. Who is PAP to lecture us when they are the ones who fail to exercise proper conduct? How do they expect us to trust their decisions or treat them with respect?

I hate to disappoint you Prime Minister but many of us do know the true definition of democracy and what it should rightfully mean to us.

Do not forget the day may come when the PAP may be sitting in the opposition benches. I am sure your party members will not want to be treated in similar manner when the PAP is no longer in power.

Until it is proven that he (Pritam Singh) is indeed guilty of lying under oath, he should be judged based on ethical and moral principles as an upright member of parliament. To the layman watching or reading the COP proceedings, Pritam Singh was crucified not questioned.