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India Protests Against PM Lee For His Comments About Nehru

PM Lee named India as an example when talking about democracies who let things slipped. India says that the remarks “were uncalled for”.

India issued a diplomatic protest with Singapore over PM Lee Hsien Loong’s remarks about the number of Indian lawmakers facing criminal charges.

During the debate on the COP report about Raeesah Khan, PM Lee said that our system will fail if trust is eroded. He also talked about how most countries are founded on the basis of high ideals, but went downhill when the society starts to let things slip. One of the examples he named was India –

“While Nehru’s India has become one where, according to media reports, almost half the MPs in the Lok Sabha have criminal charges pending against them, including charges of rape and murder. Though it is also said that many of these allegations are politically motivated.”

PM Lee Hsien Loong

India is not happy that he used this example

Following the speech, India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) summoned Singapore’s envoy to India over those remarks. New Delhi also raised the issue with the city state’s high commissioner. They said that the “remarks by the Singapore Prime Minister were uncalled for”.

India’s MP Jairam Ramesh similarly tweeted saying that their PM “denigrates Nehru all the time inside and outside Parliament”.

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Is the PM wrong?

PM Lee obviously doesn’t has his father’s flare for making public speeches. He chose the wrong examples and used the wrong words. He can be more sensitive in future. Yet he is not wrong!

It is no secret that corruption is a problem in India. It even trickles down, you see their people submitting fake education certificates to get a job in Singapore. They also have fake vaccination certificates and fake COVID test results.

Erramalli Ramesh (left) who bullied our security guard (right)

Moreover, they are so arrogant when they do get to come here, remember Erramalli Ramesh? India is a country that supports corruption! Their people are rewarded for being better at faking. They think that because they fake better, they have the right to be arrogant.

This is what happens when we let them climb over our heads. Why are we even having CECA with them anyway?