If Lee Hsien Loong can be PM at 70, Low Thia Khiang can Come Back to Lead WP

Lee Hsien Loong is 70 this year and remains Prime Minister. With all the Raeesah Khan vs Pritam Singh frenzy, can Low Thia Khiang come back to lead? LTK is 65 years old. If Lee Hsien Loong can keep his position, why can’t LTK return?

Yesterday, the parliament voted to refer Pritam Singh and Faisal Manap to the public prosecutor. They will be further investigated on their involvement in Raeesah Khan’s lie. Although many of us believe they did their duty, we are worried for them and the future of Workers’ Party.

With the situation they are in and the number of elites who jump at every chance to “fix” them, WP will need a lot of help. Their younger generation politicians like He Ting Ru and Jamus Lim need time to be ready. To assure Singaporeans, they should ask LTK to come back.

All these years, LTK’s hard work for the opposition is recognized by everybody, even the PAP. He is a symbol of WP. He has what it takes to lead. If he comes back, he will lend great strength to the party. Younger members can also learn from him. WP and Singaporeans alike will feel more hopeful at a time like this.

There is no better candidate than LTK. He is only 65 years young. So why not?