Singaporeans Continue to Support WP. It will Emerge Stronger Than Ever!

Many Singaporeans continue to support WP even though its leaders are referred to the public prosecutor. They believe PAP is using the Raeesah Khan issue to discredit Pritam Singh and the whole party.

Gone are the days when we believe the mainstream media and whatever PAP says. People will no longer stand their “disgusting behaviour”. Someone thought they treated Pritam Singh “like a piece of dirt”.

It is like PAP is going on a witch hunt. Could it be that they are afraid of WP’s popularity? Why else will they go to such an extent? PAP must stop its dirty tactics. If only they used the same amount of energy to serve Singaporeans!

If anything, the saga made our support for WP even stronger. Many believe Pritam Singh will prove his innocence, clear his name and shut PAP up. Even those who are not from his GRC trust him. They treat him as a hero.

PAP, wait and see. Pritam Singh and WP will not go down like this. They will ride the wave with everyone’s support and come out stronger than before. By then, you better be ready. All the best WP!