60 Year Old Retiree has to Stop Eating So Many Eggs to Save Money

We are all feeling the price hike. It is worrying as prices are going up fast even though there is no shortage of food. What will happen if there is a shortage? Will we be able to afford daily necessities?

At this rate, the government’s GST vouchers and payouts will not be enough. Their help does not make much difference to us. They must do more to make necessities affordable for everyone. If they continue to turn a blind eye, many of us, including the middle-income, will be left behind.

Said a 60 year old retiree:

We don’t work, so we need to be careful about our spending, and since the prices of eggs keep increasing, we decided not to eat so many eggs.

Who would have thought we will face a food crisis (especially with basic food like eggs) in a developed country like Singapore? Can we call ourselves “developed”? Is this how PAP is going to run the country?