Wife of Buangkok Samurai – This is Not his First Time. I Can’t Take it Anymore!

The man who went wild with a samurai sword yesterday had other offences before. Yesterday, a video of him went viral. He was swinging the sword at cars and attacking innocent people with it. He was arrested around Buangkok Square.

The man was said to have taken unknown pills. Before this incident, he was jailed twice before. It is not the first time he caused hurt to others.

His wife, who is a 36 year old housewife, only knew about his arrest after the police went to her door. She said she could not take it anymore. Her husband promised that he will not commit crimes after getting out of jail the second time. He became a food delivery rider but in less than 3 months, went back to taking “unknown pills” and caused trouble again.

The wife cried that she may not be able to tolerate him this time but is not sure about getting a divorce. That would mean returning to her home country (Indonesia) and not being able to see her 4 children. Her youngest is less than 2 years old.

The couple first met in Batam and are married for 13 years. Do you think he will turn over a new leaf?