Aussies Complain Made-In-Singapore Milo Tastes Weird and Powdery

Australian shoppers are furious to find that the Milo they bought from Aldi supermarket tastes “different” from their Australian Milo. They felt cheated when they discovered the Milo they bought was actually made in Singapore. They said the made-in-Singapore Milo had a “really weird” texture.

Some even said the taste was “revolting”.

A customer warned “Make sure you check the back of the tin if you want Milo that tastes like real Milo”.

The back of the Milo tin has a label that says “Made in Singapore” and “Packed in Australia”.

This is the tin she bought from Coles supermarket which says it is really made in Australia.

“Oh my gosh! I literally had a glass of MILO and couldn’t stomach it!” said one. “I thought my taste buds had changed being an adult with responsibilities, but I think I had the Singapore one! It tastes nothing like my childhood.”

Australian Customer

Is it so jialat? Our childhood made-in-Singapore milo sucks? But it is endorsed by Mdm Milo President leh, how can the Aussies insult it?!