MP Melvin Yong – Taxi Drivers Should Also Drive Buses. We Lack Manpower

Another MP came up with a genius idea in parliament. Melvin Yong of Radin Mas GRC suggested for taxi drivers to also drive buses. There was a lack of manpower when many bus drivers contracted Covid-19 this year, so he thought it would be great if taxi drivers can take over their jobs.

We should build a reserve public bus captain pool – one that can be activated upon short notice to fill urgent manpower gaps.

Melvin Yong at budget debate 2022

He proposed for taxi drivers to go for training to drive buses. Those who pass will drive buses once a month so that they do not lose touch with their skills. Bear in mind that this is not just about driving a larger vehicle but also remembering bus routes.

Melvin Yong thinks it will not be a problem to get taxi drivers on board as SBS and SMRT already have their own fleet of taxis. He hopes they will work together with LTA to make his grand plan happen.

So convenient. How do you find his idea?