New Covid-19 Rules are Confusing. Amy Khor Says It Gives us More Options

Coffeeshops and hawker centres have new vaccine-differentiated safe management measures (VDS). Unfortunately, they are very confusing. We are tired of remembering rules because they keep on changing. Why are PAP ministers paid so much just to make things worse? Here are their smart ideas:

Area-based measures

Hawker centres can allocate an area for 5 vaccinated persons can dine in. The rest of the place only allows 2 pax dine-in.

Time-based measures

Hawkers can set aside a time zone for 5 vaccinated persons to dine in. Outside this time period, people can only dine in groups of 2.

Area and Time measures

This is a combination of both. Hawkers have to cordon off an area and specify a time period where diners can be in groups of 5. Outside the area and time zone, they can only dine in pairs.

Apparently, Amy Khor said these ideas are a result of “rounds of active consultation”. She claimed the government wanted make things easier by offering more options. Unfortunately, Singaporeans do not think that way. Many are saying the new rules are confusing. They are hard to understand, much less remember. It is even more difficult for senior citizens. Do you think the highly-paid ministers know what they are doing?

In a time when other countries are opening up, Singapore is doing the opposite. We are coming up with more complicated Covid-19 measures and making our lives more inconvenient. Thank you MTF, you really are the worst.