The Government Should Not Force Our Seniors To A 30yr Lease!

One netter shared on Facebook about how seniors should not be forced to sign a 30yr lease. Instead, HDB should grant them the flexibility by allowing them to rent a smaller apartment.

Just thinking aloud about an article wrote by someone….on HDB’s Studio Apartments.

Who needs Studio Apartments? Well, people who have come to their last stage of life maybe around 65-75yrs or above where their children have their own houses and these seniors need to sell their HDB to downgrade to a smaller HDB Studio Apartments.

Would it be nice if HDB could rent these seniors at $300/month for Studio Apartments instead of asking them to pay upfront from their CPF for a 30yr lease to stay in one.

The amount from old house could be a good relieve until the next world. Also no worries for their children to fork out senior daily expenses.

Needless to say these seniors of Medeka and Pioneer generations who have helped in many ways to bring Singapore from 3rd world to 1st should be well looked after by govt of the day.

There are many who fell off the living ladder are sleeping on the streets.

In truth, HDB has exploited desperate senior citizens for profit.

Lastly, expect many will pen in to say these are the seniors who voted for Papies. But please be mindful also many CRCs did not have Oppositions and was walked over!!

Source: Patrick Lean

What do you think?