Protest at US SG Embassy About SMU President Lily Kong’s Alleged Perjury

A Singaporean started a protest at the Singapore Embassy in the USA about Lily Kong’s alleged Perjury. She uploaded a picture of it onto Facebook.

Source: Facebook

What is this about?

Jeanne Ten has apparently been in a legal battle with NUS since 2005. She has a blog detailing the whole journey. She was admitted to a Master of Arts (“MA”) degree programme in Architecture at NUS in 2002.

However, her supervisor Dr Wong Yunn Chii used Jeanne’s thesis to generate a project and passed it off as his own. When she tried to complain to NUS, she was expelled in 2006.

“In September 2006, NUS expelled me from the university after refusing to confer me my Master of Arts Degree in retaliation for my whistle-blowing about misconduct by a professor at NUS, and my whistle-blowing about the subsequent cover-up. As a result of this expulsion by NUS, I had to leave a PhD course that I had already started in the United States”.

Jeanne Ten

According to The Independent SG, she sued NUS and made 4 legal claims against them. They were tort of misfeasance in public office, breach of contract, tort of intimidation and negligence.

Jeanne saw that a project with the exact same idea was listed on NUS’s website as a completed project by Dr Wong from around 2011.According to Jeanne, NUS initially argued that the project was not relevant to the lawsuit and only changed its pleadings abruptly in 2015 to claim that the project was “aborted.”

Lily Kong’s Involvement

At that time, Lily Kong was NUS’ Vice Provost. Jeanne believes that Lily Kong misled her about Committee of Inquiry (COI) investigation findings regarding the supervisor Dr Wong.

“Vice Provost Lily Kong misled me (lied to me) to believe that the COI had exonerated him, when in fact the COI had recommended that NUS censure him”

Jeanne Ten

Jeanne also made a police report naming Ang Siau Gek and Lily Kong. She alleged that they lied about threatening to expel her unless she dropped the complain against Dr Wong.

It has been a 17-year battle for Jeanne, hopefully the truth will prevail!