NUH Tells Singaporeans to Stop Speculating and Respect the Family

NUH finally responded to news of a couple who lost their unborn child.

It had the guts to tell people to stop speculating out of respect for the family. It was the family who had enough and wanted to make their ordeal public. Why is NUH telling us to stop talking about it?

Singaporeans are merely reacting to a couple who just lost their baby. How is it a speculation and why is the hospital blaming us for it?

Their statement attracted a lot of anger. People are flocking to NUH’s Facebook to scold them for being insensitive and cold. They have no right to tell us to respect the family after the trauma it caused. Furthermore, it did not present any facts or answers.

What the public wants now is an answer. If NUH does not have one, it is in no position to blame us for “speculating”. Shut up and start investigating! Will they even come clean?