Food Delivery Riders

Food Delivery Riders Mostly Above 50y/o, This Is Our Sad State Of Affairs!

It was shared in parliament that most food delivery riders are above 50. Why are we forced to do back breaking work until we die?

Many of my readers will know that I do occasional food deliveries. As I am in my 30s, I think it is an okay job to do once in a while to show my solitary with the working-class.

However, it is absolutely shocking to know that the majority of people doing food deliveries are not young, but in their 50s and beyond!

Can you imagine? What kind of society do believe you very literally have to do back breaking work until we die? How would you feel if this was your father? I have seen and spoken to many of my fellow delivery riders, some of whom have medical problems such as a bad back and asthma but they have to slog it out just to make a living.

On the other hand, the PAP government is so willing to let young foreigners from third world countries come in to work for a fraction of the cost.

For many people, the strong currency conversion means that they actually save a lot by working in Singapore. Imagine a foreign executive earning $2500 a month, and manages to save $700 a month after deducting expenses. This would be more than what he can make in his home country.Are they really more talented than us? Can’t these jobs be filled by Singaporeans?

What do our overpaid ministers have to say now that so many Singaporeans are suffering into their retirement years?

A PV government will never allow such to happen. We must regain our country, our dignity, and our future!

Source: Prabu Ramachandran