PAP Copies Opposition

PAP Likes To Criticize Opposition Ideas And Then Copy Them Later

PAP keeps slamming the opposition for their ideas, but end up using the ideas years later. Do they deserve their million dollar salary?

PAP never takes in ideas from opposition parties at face value. Even if the opposition parties have Singaporeans at heart, they just assume all opposition parties are just trying show disrespect. The biggest joke is when they decide to take up the ideas anyway after that.

PAP Copies From Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

For example, just last week, Tan See Leng announced that there will be a new point-based system for employment pass applications. The way they brought it up makes it seem like it is a new idea from them.

However, in Chee Soon Juan’s Facebook post, he shared that SDP proposed this idea 10 years ago under the name “Talent Track Scheme”. At that time, the PAP rejected the idea.

Read his full Facebook post here.

On SDP’s website, they listed a few other instances where the PAP has used their ideas after criticizing them. For example, SDP previously proposed for the removal of streaming in school. At that time, Second Education Minister Indranee Rajah says that streaming still has a place in Singapore’s education system. Fast forward to today, MOE says they want to abolish streaming by 2024.

SDP proposes: Employers must try to hire Singaporeans first before considering employing foreigners.
PAP criticises: Senior Minister of State Amy Khor said that such a policy will not work.
PAP copies: MOM introduced the Fair Consideration Framework which “require employers to consider Singaporeans fairly before hiring Employment Pass holders.”


PAP Also Copies From Workers’ Party (WP)

Most recently during the Budget 2022 debate, Murali Pillai suggested creating separate COE category for delivery motorcycles. He brought it up as a new idea. However, as pointed out by a netter, WP’s Faisal Manap suggested this last year in October 2021. At that time, PAP’s Ng Chee Meng said that such differentiation would lead to greater volatility in motorcycle COE prices.

Source: Hardwarezone

Let’s also not forget the time when PM Lee announced that Muslim nurses in the public healthcare sector will be allowed to don the tudung with their uniforms from November 2021.

This is after PAP time and time again criticized opposition parties for years before that for trying to “focus on differences, instead of rallying people to be united”. These were the exact words from Masagos to Faisal Manap after the latter brought the issue up in 2017.

Why don’t they listen to the opposition in the first place?

These PAP ministers are paid millions just to give us ideas that our opposition parties came up with way before them. Doesn’t this show that our opposition parties are more forward looking than our expensive ministers?

Why can’t the PAP get over their innate bias of assuming that any idea that comes from the opposition is unacceptable? And then after that why must they say until like their idea is brilliant when they repeat the suggestion? When using these ideas, they could at the very least acknowledge the opposition parties they got the ideas from!

This netter sums up how we feel about PAP’s flip flopping accurately.