P2 Satanic Chinese Textbook

Satanic Symbols Found In Primary 2 Chinese Textbooks

A netter highlighted on Reddit today that the Primary 2 Chinese textbooks had a bloody satanic pentagram to represent “shapes”.

“Didn’t know Satanist symbols were part of learning Chinese for primary school students,”

Reddit u/Themoltenbeacon

The symbols were found in the Chinese textbook by local publisher Marlinsons. Coconuts.co reached out to them for comments, and they said that it is “based on [Ministry of Education] syllabus” and suitable for students learning advanced and normal Chinese. 

The symbol was together with other words like “triangle” and “square”. For these, they used more accurate images.

Even if they didn’t know that the symbol is satanic, why did they have to pick one that looks bloody?

Netters also pointed out that the example sentence in Chinese did not match the image. The example sentence says “two sisters were in the kitchen making cookies in different shapes”.

Is this an honest mistake?