Kindergarten child made to write about China

Kindergarten Child Made to Write “China is Very Big and Strong”

A Reddit user “blaseed” posted a photo of a kindergarten child’s homework. The child had to practice writing the words “中国很强大”, which means China is very big and strong.

Is this an example of foreign interference creeping into our schools? Why must kindergarten children be made to write this?

User “blaseed” revealed it was a K2 homework at a Montessori. Many people asked for the exact school but “blaseed” was reluctant to expose its name. He/she claimed the photo was taken by a friend and did not want to create trouble for him and the child.

Is the post legit or is “blaseed” trying to stir shit? If it is true, what is the school teaching our children? Should we allow it to continue giving them such homework? If not, how are we going to make them stop if nobody knows where exactly it came from? Do you think this is acceptable?