Li Shengwu Feels Safe in the US, Fears Getting Attacked If he Comes Back

It has been 5 years since Li Shengwu left Singapore. In 2017, he made a controversial Facebook post. In the words of the mainstream media, he “scandalised the judiciary” and “undermined public confidence”. He was found guilty of contempt of court 2 years ago and slapped with a fine of $15,000.

Yesterday, Li Shengwu tweeted about the possibility of returning to Singapore. Although the court case is over, he does not seem to be coming back soon. He is afraid that Lee Hsien Loong may sue him again.

Li Shengwu wants to continue staying in the US to avoid getting attacked. He may be overseas but he constantly worries for Singapore. He is sad to see our country go downhill.

“It’s gutting to be unable to return home, and to watch Singapore slide further into authoritarianism.”

At the very least, he does not have to experience all that in the US. He feels safe there. Moreover, it was his friends in Harvard who supported him most. Where were Singaporeans when he needed us? Do you think he will ever want to come back?