Anti-LGBT Activists To Hold Event At Expo Instead Of Hong Lim Park

[Contributed by Vance] It has come to my attention that the anti-LGBT community will be holding an event at Expo. The event will happen on 23 July 2022 10am-12:30pm, and they say that the event is “invite only”. However, you can get the tickets publicly on eventbrite.

“This Townhall seeks to better understand the significance and potential impact of LGBTQ+ activism. We will look at the balance s377A of the Penal Code has brought to our society and discuss the likely consequences of its repeal. We will also explore what our role might be in response to the activism, in order to help Singapore continue thriving.”


Isn’t the anti-LGBT movement also a form of activism?

Shouldn’t political or in fact, any form of activism at all, be restricted to Hong Lim Park? If this isn’t a political event, why did the organizers have to restrict it to “Singaporeans and Singapore PRs” only?

If this is a political event, why did the government allow them to host this? We know that the government is biased, but did they really have to be so blatant about it? We deserve answers.