Royal Thai Police Arrest Scam Couple

Luxury Goods Scam Couple Caught By Royal Thai Police In Malaysia

The couple who scammed millions of dollars from luxury goods buyers are finally caught! They were found by the Royal Thai Police to have been putting up at a hotel in JB. It has been a month since Pi Jiapeng and Pansuk Siriwipathey fled Singapore by hiding in a lorry.

Royal Thai Police found them in Johor Bahru

Yes you read that correctly. It was the Royal Thai Police who found that the couple were staying in a hotel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Singapore police then sought the Royal Malaysia Police’s help to locate them. The couple was arrested by Malaysian police on Thursday (11 Aug) and handed over to the police here.

This is an amazing feat by the Thai police, who are located far away from JB. It is also embarrassing that Singapore, and even more so Malaysia, were unable to find them first.

How is it that the Thai police managed to surface their whereabouts while the Malaysian police feigned ignorance? It is even more shameful for Singapore, who somehow let them escape our borders!

Good that the couple are caught

Our government must deport them and nullify their citizenship/PR so that they cannot scam Singaporeans again!