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Learn From PAP: How To Answer To Your Bosses

Ever felt at a loss about how to answer to your bosses? Here are some tips you can follow. Learn from the PAP.

If your boss tells you to do budgeting, tell him numbers not meaningful.

Earlier this month, when Leader of Opposition Pritam Singh asked for a breakdown of the cost of HDB flats, Indranee Rajah told him that it is not meaningful to reveal these numbers. She said that more importantly “affordability is what matters to buyer”.

You can use this in your company by telling your boss that budget not important because the company can afford anyway. Affordability is what matters. Make sure you get the most expensive-but-affordable-for-your-company option so that everybody can enjoy. You can also buy us a good meal while you’re at it, your company probably can afford anyway.

Source: TODAY

If you want to intro your friend to the company, tell your boss it’s based on your interactions with him.

After losing a lot of money to FTX’s failure, this is what Temasek said in their statement in response to Singaporean.

“Perhaps our belief in the actions, judgement & leadership of Sam Bankman-Fried, formed from our interactions with him & views expressed in our discussions with others, would appear to have been misplaced.”

Temasek Holdings

You can tell your boss that you introduced/chose your friend/their company because of some “interactions” and what other people say about your friend. Don’t need other reasons to substantiate. If your friend ends up being crap, just say “perhaps my belief has been misplaced”. Can already, no need to say more.

If something goes wrong, blame the thing.

In September this year, there was a landslide at Clementi because the slope was not stable enough to manage the rain. Desmond Lee called it a “slope failure”. Who ask the slope to fail?

If something goes wrong at your company, don’t need to take the blame. Sound system not working? Tell them sound system failure and say you will go talk to the sound system and make sure they learn their lesson. You do your accounts wrongly? Say calculator failure and you will go get a new calculator. This way, it is never your fault.

If you don’t want/know how to answer, ask them what is the point behind their question.

In 2020, Pritam Singh asked for more clarity on government employment statistics under the various Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs), to show how many jobs are filled by Singaporeans, Permanent Residents (PRs) and foreigners. This is what Chan Chun Sing said in response.

“We can get you the numbers. But let me say this. What is the point behind the question?”

Chan Chun Sing to Pritam Singh
Source: TODAY

After you say this to them hopefully they will realize that there is no point to their question. If there’s a point to their question you can just gaslight them until they think there is no point to their question.

Most importantly, if they question you about all of the above, say you learnt from the best.

These are lessons from the most expensive government in the world. So expensive, must be good!