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Job Market Is Horrible For Fresh Graduates!

By SaritaThe youth of Singapore have been giving their best to achieve their dreams. They are working hard, even pursuing an education overseas either because they can get into better schools, or they are unable to do the same in Singapore. Unfortunately, it seems like their efforts do not pay off, as they are still unable to find stability in the job market today.

Recently, a Redditor who completed their degree in Australia was unable to find a job in Singapore. They needed to come back to work for at least 3 years as a part of the MOE Tuition Grant Bond, and was willing to go through a hard/underpaid/overworked life as an architect just to grind it out for 3 years. Yet, after trying all the avenues for applying like cold emailing companies, and applying for all the available jobs on the future of the career, LinkedIn, job street, etc the redditor still cannot find a job.

Worse still, these are jobs that offered as low as $2.5k per month. Is it enough to survive? Especially with the rising costs of living? Or is it even encouraging enough to work for? It is certainly disappointing, especially if our fresh grads see how much other fresh graduates from similar universities are earning overseas.

Our youths are our future, they also need to live.

Many Singaporeans who are about to complete their degrees are already applying for 30+ jobs as they are worried about not getting a job or their fields getting outsourced.

The student’s anxiety and optimistic approach is pushing them to try their best. Yet they can only try their best for so long before they give up. And without job opportunities coming their way, it is no wonder that Singapore might face a brain drain where our own talents choose to go overseas.

Therefore, a sad irony has hit Singapore’s job market, where we have well educated, graduated workforce, but there are hardly any opportunities for them here. Yet we tell the world that we’re looking for the “top talents”. This must change!