Singaporeans Triggered After Sim Ann Shared About Her Humble $3 Cai Png

PAP’s Sim Ann was recently in the spotlight for disrespecting an artiste. As if that was not enough, she attracted attention again for posting about her humble meal at a coffeeshop.

The Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and National Development said she was testing out budget meal alternatives at HDB-owned coffeeshops. She took a photo of her $0.70 kopi-o kosong and $3 economy rice.

Her post already has more than 900 comments. Many could not believe the portion of her $3 economy rice. They said she could get a huge chunk of chicken thigh because she is a minister. If any other Singaporean ordered it, they would never get a substantial portion.

They also questioned if there are measures to ensure the quality of these budget meals. If stalls eventually decide to give pathetic portions, then what is the point of this initiative? How will the government ensure that people who visit the same coffeeshop will get the same deal as Sim Ann?

Regardless of the intention of her post, Singaporeans were triggered by Sim Ann for acting like she eats at coffeeshops and understands our woes. To be honest, the backlash is not surprising. She should have seen it coming because the reality is, she will never know what it feels like to be in our shoes. Don’t you agree?