PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang

PAS Celebrates Victory, Singaporeans Should Be Worried

PAS is a party who frequently trash talks Singapore in order to slam their competitors for trying to be more like us.

Malaysia’s GE15 is nothing short of eventful. A decisive defeat for Ex-PM Mahathir and UMNO’s Khairy Jamaluddin, the former who even lost his elections deposit. A hung parliament where three major coalitions won enough seats to form a majority. The only one who saw certainty is Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) President Abdul Hadi Awang who declared early victory for Perikatan Nasional even when there were over 100 seats still to call.

“This victory is the result of the cooperation between all PAS members and friends in PN who have worked hard since the beginning. On behalf of the entire party leadership, I express my gratitude to all Malaysians who have trusted PAS and PN to govern the country once again… Thank you to the friends of Perikatan and we will reward those who have made our success in GE15.”

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang

Hadi thanked the voters who had put their trust in his party and the coalition, singling out young voters and those who had returned from overseas. “Your sacrifice in rushing to return to vote will be met with a commensurate reward from Allah,” he said.

Singaporeans should worry about the increasing popularity of PAS.

PAS President Hadi uses false claims about Singapore to criticize other parties

At the height of election campaigns, it is not unusual for Malaysian politicians to mention Singapore. However, Hadi, who faulted the Democratic Action Party (DAP) for allegedly using Malay candidates as political tools, referring to their nomation of Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister, went as far to say that Lee Kuan Yew made use of Malay parties to do the same.

“Ini nyata, masa (DAP) perintah Pulau Pinang, sama seperti apa yang berlaku di Singapura. DAP tonjolkan calon Melayu sebagai alat politik, macam Lee Kuan Yew pernah buat di Singapura, gunakan parti Melayu. Sebab itu mereka nak lantik (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim sebagai Perdana Menteri, sebab Anwar ikut (arahan) dia.”

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang (Translation: This is real, when (DAP) ruled Penang, the same as what happened in Singapore. DAP promoted Malay candidates as a political tool, like Lee Kuan Yew used to do in Singapore, using the Malay party. That’s why they want to appoint (Datuk Seri) Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister, because Anwar followed his (instructions).)

However, a simple google search would tell us that PAP has not worked with “Malay parties” in its history. This shows us that Hadi is willing to say anything about Singapore to bring down his competitors, at our expense.

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang

Such comments from the PAS are not new

Selangor PAS election director Roslan Shahir Mohamad Shahir previously brought up Lee Kuan Yew’s 1965 proposal for a Malaysian Malaysia. He thinks that this is a threat to Malay-Muslims in Malaysia, and that this will take away the Malays’ special rights, as well as separate religion from the state.

This is a narrative frequently used by PAS to criticize the DAP, saying it is a “reincarnation” of the PAP. This way, he can fear-monger by telling Malaysians that they will lose their special rights as Malay-Muslims if this happens.

“We face a big threat, if we are careless, we will see our dignity, race and country compromised. It is not impossible for us to become a second Singapore.”

PAS election director Roslan Shahir Mohamad Shahir

Talk about stirring shit. PAS is a party who frequently trash talks Singapore in order to slam their competitors. We have seen a lot of this in this GE.

Their vice-president Amar Nik Abdullah even promised that PN (which PAS is a part of), can develop Johor better than the existing leaders. In their opinion, UMNO is the reason why many Malaysians to cross the causeway to work in Singapore every day.

“This means without Umno, it is easier to develop the country, so much so that many Malaysians cross the causeway every day to work in Singapore.”

PAS vice-president Amar Nik Abdullah criticizing UMNO’s leadership of Johor Bahru
PAS vice-president Amar Nik Abdullah

It seems like PAS thinks that Singapore is inferior. More unfortunately,the increasing popularity of PAS tells us that there are many Malaysians who believe them.