Malaysian Pretends To Be Singaporean When Misbehaving Overseas

By LM — Consider being insecure to the extent that you hide your own national identity! Sounds repelling, right? Well, this Malaysian netizen’s tweet right here is screaming all sorts of doubts and apprehensions regarding her identity.


Imagine the jealous mindset behind such a hateful tweet.

Rather than promoting decent tourist behavior, the user felt it right to bring down the Singaporean repute by associating poor civic ethics with Singapore.

Trying to score points at the cost of bringing another country down is nothing but, pure resentment.

This is not the first time, Malaysians have long been spreading this “travel hack”.

Malaysians 2

The Malaysian government are forever comparing themselves to Singapore.

Anything slightly disparaging they can dredge up is headline news. But it doesn’t stop thousands of Malaysians from Johor state from commuting to work in Singapore every day.

Just to clarify for unknowing readers, Singapore and Malaysia are not enemies. Their relationship is better described as a “love-hate” one. They share many similarities. In fact, for most Singaporeans and Malaysians, they do care for one another.

Many Malaysians have relatives and friends working in Singapore, and vice versa. Marriage between people from the two countries is fairly common. There are also many Malaysians, particularly ethnic Chinese, who believe that Singapore should be the role model of Malaysia.

It is actually sometimes hurtful. Seeing the government and people like the above netters try to sow seeds of anger, bitterness, and hatred in people’s hearts.