Ways To Prepare For The Upcoming GST Hike

There’s just 50 more days until our GST increases to 8%. It will then increase to 9% in 2024. Lawrence Wong said that this will help the poor. Their minds are set on it. So what can we do to prepare for this GST Hike?

1) We can prepare to visit JB more frequently

Instead of looking locally, we can head next door for cheaper products. In fact, restaurants and entertainment there is cheaper too. Going there once a month will cut down a lot of costs for us.

2) Bulk buying

While you’re in JB, consider bulk-buying. Bulk-buying online also can, keep a look out for all the 1:1 2:2 3:3 sales on Shopee/Lazada.

You can also bulk buy this year before the GST increases. You have 50 more days to do so, don’t say we never tell you.

3) Cut down on meals

Maybe it’s time to lose some weight. We can cut our meals to once a day. Or cut down on portion. This is the fastest way to deal with increased cost of food, right?

4) Grow your own food

If not, you can also go vegan and grow your own crops. If you need tips on how to grow vegetables, just ask any friendly neighbour who grows plants outside their HDB flats.

5) Not for the faint hearted – ask for a pay raise

If you are feeling gutsy, can ask your employers for a salary increase to keep up with the living expenses.

6) For the long game, vote wisely

While the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. What a “Happy” New Year for the average Singaporean.