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Foreigner Abuses Restaurant Staff For Not Accepting Customers After Closing

Last Friday evening, a staff at Chooby Pizza was subjected to verbal abuse from a foreigner who was more than 30 minutes late for his reservation. His reservation was for 8pm, and last order at the restaurant is at 8:30pm.

In between, the restaurant tried to call him to ask if he would like to order before reaching the restaurant. However, he did not pick up their call. When he did return their call at 8:30pm, he then lectured the staff for not waiting for him to show up.

He said that the restaurant staff should “do something else than restaurant and go work in an office” if they don’t want to work after 8:30pm, and that he hates Singaporeans who are particular about time.

He then messaged the restaurant on Instagram to ask that they returned his deposit.

When the restaurant explained to him why they have the right to take care of their staff, and called him out for his sweeping remarks on Singaporeans, he then chided the restaurant for being “racist”.

He also left a review on Facebook to share that the restaurant is racist.

We cannot let foreigners bully Singaporeans with their self-entitled behavior. They abuse our staff and then use the “you are bullying a foreigner” or “you are racist” card when we retaliate.

Rules are rules. Whether it is laws in Singapore, or a restaurant’s closing time, we cannot bend our rules just because you are a foreigner. You have spent 6 years in Singapore, you should have learnt about punctuality by now.

“I believe we should all be able to work in an environment free from any form of abuse however big or small. Any tolerance against such behaviour would mean being indifferent to the well being of our staff. We will always call out such behaviour and urge our colleagues in the industry to do the same. The aim is not to shame but in hope that we can have the basic respect we all deserve.”

Chooby’s Pizza

Other customers speak out for the restaurant

Following the foreigner’s self-entitled reviews, other customers (foreigners too) have written on their Facebook and Google reviews to share their positive experiences. The restaurant is definitely not anti-foreigner, and safe to say that they are not unreasonable too.

One of the reviewers even talked about how they were 30 mins late for their 7pm reservation but the restaurant was more than understanding.