Boomers Need To Get Over Yourselves, You Are Not Funny

By Zen — A lot of boomers like to complain that today’s generation is too sensitive. They even call the younger ones “strawberry generation”. However, I’d like to argue that it is the boomers that are too insensitive. They have no excuse to be rude, racist, or homophobic. Especially when it isn’t any of their business!

Today’s generation is not too sensitive. 

Millennials are more sensitive to potential fallout from any mismanagement of current social issues. They are sympathetic. They understand that the words we say can hurt and cut other people’s feelings. These words can play in our minds and will haunt us for years and even if it starts as a joke, it can create a hostile environment. 

This is not a weak generation. This is a caring generation.

Toxic culture has been normalized by the boomers.

For them, triggering someone’s traumatic experience is normal. They like to make fun of others for their weight, their sexuality, their mental health, their race etc. Think about words like “ah bui” (fatty) or “ah gua” (gay) or “ah xiao” (crazy). These are names that they frequently use. They think that they are being funny when making fun of people.

What’s worse, they do all these out in the open and they think they are being enlightening. For example, take a look at the ex-Ngee Ann Poly lecturer who just got jailed for making racist remarks.

For us whom you called the “strawberry generation” we don’t like the idea of hurting other people’s feelings or the idea of identifying and normalizing a violent or unfair culture. We can find plenty of humor in other things without being offensive. 

Boomers need to wake up and stop being insensitive.

Boomers must emerge from the cave they came from. They need to stop feeling superior, thinking that they are the only ones who went through any hardship. Yes, you have had your own challenges before but we are different. We have to deal with more complex problems at an even faster pace.

They need to be mindful of what they say. Not everything you think should be said out loud. And stop getting into everybody else’s business and mind your own.