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New Year, New Karen In Singapore Who Refuse To Obey The Police

On New Year’s Day (1 January), a dispute happened at a Cheers outlet at Lau Pa Sat at around 8 pm. TikToker Jonathan (@confederateginger) who works at the store, had an altercation with a member of the public. Jonathan then called the police.

Jonathan refuses to cooperate with the police

The first video starts with Jonathan explaining the situation to the police. Listing the things that the other party has done, he said:

“The guy (was) drunk, he come(s) in caus(ing) trouble. He use(d) (the) F word, he impersonate(d) (a) police officer, he sa(id) want(ed) to cuff me back to (the) cantonment.”

Jonathan (@confederateginger)

Afterwards, the policemen asked him for his IC for verification purposes. However, Jonathan says he didn’t “do anything wrong” and refused.  

“I’m being protected by my boss’s camera; I never commit any offense. Why do you need my ID?”

Jonathan (@confederateginger)

Even after the police said the ID was for identification purposes and checking the ID wouldn’t place the cameraman in any harm, he refused. This man made a police report but don’t want to give his identity.

After all, Jonathan was the one who made the police report. Logically, his identity would need to be confirmed, right?

He only handed his ID to the police after the police informed him about section 65 and told him that he can be arrested.

Of course he did that while questioning the legitimacy of the claim. He also said that they might be bad cops since there were “recent corrupt cases of the SPF,” citing that he had “news articles backing up (his) claim.”

A police officer may arrest any person who is accused of committing, or who commits in the view or presence of the police officer, a non-arrestable offence if, on the demand of the police officer, the person refuses to give his or her name and residential address.

Section 65 of the Criminal Procedure Code 2010 

This Jonathan is brain-washed by confederate Americans

he supports the Confederate States of America (look at his username). His profile picture is also him in front of the American flag.

His profile is also filled with videos that ridicules the police in our country. In one video, he made fun of a police officer who fell while trying to put down a criminal. 

Kudos to the police for being so patient with this stubborn man. If he doesn’t like Singapore, he can move to the US. Since he thinks US is so much better than Singapore, let’s see how the US police will act if he acted like this to them!