Anti-LGBT event

The Anti-LGBT Community Is Small, Singapore Must Ignore Them

[Contributed by Vance] On Saturday morning (23 July), the anti-LGBT community held an event at Expo. The event was meant to be a platform for them to discuss LGBTQ+ activism and the consequences of repealing 377A.

This is concerning because both topics, be it LGBT activism or repealing 377A, would be discussed solely from their perspectives. Their conservative perspective will most definitely push forth a narrative that LGBT individuals are committing grave sins. After all, their beliefs gives them the certainty that everyone else is not only wrong, but they also deserve to be condemned.

The Anti-LGBT event had about 1200 attendees

Put this in comparison with PinkDot, which grew from 2,500 in 2009 to 28,000 in 2015. Their numbers prove that these individuals are just a minority.

We should ignore them and start progressing.

Their self-righteous holier-than-thou mindsets will never be swayed. No amount of convincing can get them to think any differently. Even if you try to use logic to persuade them, these are people who tend to cherry pick scientific proofs to fit their narratives.

You have to remember that these are people who think that God is always on their side. No matter how much their actions contradict that of the bible, in their minds, God will always help them.

Anti-LGBT event by the Christian community

Even if they hate their neighbors, they think that they are doing this to keep their environment holy. When they make it their purpose to judge and condemn others, they do this in the name of their God. In fact, they are empowered to decide for the world what is a sin and what isn’t.

We will never be able to win an argument against the anti-LGBT community because they are able to misuse their bibles to justify whatever actions they take, no matter how immoral, violent, or harmful.

We need to stop wasting time on trying to convince the unconvinced, and instead spend time on helping our country progress.

As a secular society, it is about time we think about what 377A is supposed to do for our country objectively. If there is no purpose to it, if we do not exercise this law, we should not keep it around. All it does is show the rest of the world how backward we are as a society.