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India Classifies Singapore As An “At Risk” Country

Singapore just started our VTL with India, ignoring their Delta variant. Now they have decided to classify us as at “At Risk” country.

Singapore’s vaccinated travel lane (VTL) with India started yesterday (Nov 29), with six designated flights daily from Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Airlines can also operate non-VTL flights between India and Singapore.

Netters speculate that this is for CECA, to allow individuals under the agreement to fly back and forth. If you recall, the government also delayed closing our borders to India and allowed the Delta variant to come in.

In a twist of events, India classifies Singapore as “At Risk”

Now they have decided to turn their back on us. Passengers traveling from Singapore to India have to undergo stricter requirements, according to a travel advisory sent by Singapore Airlines.

Singapore India Travel Advisory
Travel advisory for passengers traveling to India from Singapore

Upon further digging, it seems like they have considered Singapore as an at-risk country for a while now because of the Delta outbreak here. See this list from two weeks ago. This is even though the Delta variant came from them in the first place!

VTL is a one-way agreement

Basically, the VTL is a one-way agreement to allow other countries to come into the country. It does not affect how the other countries treat travelers from Singapore. Other countries that we have VTL with are also wary of us.

Even so, the way the South Asian country has decided to treat us is still disappointing. Our government has been giving them so many concessions, keeping our doors opened to them. Even when our COVID cases surged because of their Delta variant, we still decided to start a VTL with them.

An agreement should be 2-way. Yet our CECA benefits only one.