We Need More Leong Mun Wais In Parliament!

By LM – The recent appointment of Leong Mun Wai as the new secretary-general of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has sent ripples of change through the political landscape. Many have celebrated the decision, citing Leong’s boldness in speaking up for the people and asking difficult questions.

Leong’s debating style is a breath of fresh air in a world of scripted answers and rehearsed speeches. He’s not afraid to ask “stupid” questions or tackle tough issues head-on. This approach challenges the officeholders and keeps them accountable to the people.

Despite some criticism of his delivery style, Leong has proven himself to be a formidable MP with solid parliamentary questions. His queries on government spending on advertising and the disclosure of names have been met with praise. Also, he has consistently raised important issues related to Housing, an area that he is particularly passionate about.

He is unafraid to rock the boat, even if it means going against the grain

What sets Leong apart from other MPs is his courage to question, anything and everything. This is what every MP in the House should strive for, as they have a moral and legal obligation towards their constituents. Unlike PAP, which continues to disrespect and ridicule the will and mandate of the people. While not everyone may agree with his position, there is no denying that he brings a unique perspective and a valuable contribution to the parliamentary debates.

We need more thoughtful, vocal, and empathetic MPs like Leong and less disrespectful and dismissive MPs like PAP. By promoting a diversity of viewpoints, we can foster a more robust and representative democracy that serves the needs of all Singaporeans.