Calvin Cheng

PAPstooge Calvin Cheng: Shanmugam Sacrificed $45 Million After Becoming A Minister

In another attempt to suck up to PAP ministers, Calvin Cheng made a cringe-worthy Facebook post talking about how the ministers sacrificed a lot of money for their political career. This is a prime example of his relentless bootlicking agenda, attempting to glorify the incumbent government while dismissing the importance of critical voices. His relentless attack on opposition viewpoints reveal a blatant disregard for the truth.

In his post, Calvin Cheng shamelessly touts Singapore’s progress as solely attributed to extraordinary leadership, conveniently omitting the numerous failures and shortcomings that have plagued our nation. He also says he feels bad for the ministers who “gave up lucrative private careers to enter government”.

It is evident that his intention is to curry favor with those in power, rather than engaging in an honest assessment of our country’s development.

His portrayal of Ministers Shanmugam and Vivian as exceptional figures who made financial sacrifices is a feeble attempt to mask the lack of transparency and accountability within the government.

Even if we appreciate their sacrifices, it should not absolve them from scrutiny or shield them from valid criticism. Our leaders should not be enticed by financial gains; true leadership demands integrity, competence, accountability, and the ability to connect with the concerns of ordinary Singaporeans.

After all, they were the ones who made the decision to have a political careers. They should live with their choices and they don’t deserve a pity party for their decision.

The Ridout incident is a manifestation of the frustrations and discontentment felt by ordinary Singaporeans.

To undermine the importance of public scrutiny and brand these incidents as unjust is a disservice to our democracy. Open dialogue, accountability, and constructive criticism are vital for a healthy political environment.

Calvin Cheng’s premature declaration that an inquiry will vindicate the ministers demonstrates his blind faith in the government’s infallibility. The purpose of an inquiry is to uncover the truth, not to serve as a tool for exoneration. We must allow the process to unfold impartially, without jumping to conclusions or dismissing the concerns raised by the public.

It is essential to expose the fallacies and double standards presented in such propaganda by such delusional bootlickers. Genuine leadership requires a willingness to listen, engage in meaningful dialogue, and address the genuine concerns of Singaporeans.

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