NTU Qu Jingyi

NTU Professor Qu Jing-yi Plagiarizes A Student’s FYP

Apparently it is not his first time. A student was doing research when he came across 2 papers, one by an NTU student “Wang” for their final year project (FYP) in Chinese in 2014, and a second one by Qu Jing-yi in English in 2018. Although the two papers are in different languages, they are almost identical in many parts.

Additionally, Qu Jing-yi is listed as Wang’s supervisor for the FYP. There is no way he can deny the knowledge of the first paper.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/NTU/comments/1596m4s/omg_did_my_prof_just_plagiarized_a_students_fyp/

Here are some examples of the similarities between the two papers.

Basically all he did is translate the paper. While his paper might have gone passed plagiarism checkers due to the language difference, it doesn’t change the fact that he did plagiarize.

Students are sharing some of the other unethical behaviors they have seen from this professor.

He allegedly took his students’ work without crediting them. Worse still, he also recommended students for scholarships not by their abilities, but according to who he likes.

This professor is undermining the academic system, and cheating his students. He has also helped his students with getting citizenship in Singapore just for scholarship, before telling them to discard the citizenship after getting the job. How can he belittle the Singapore citizenship just like this?

NTU and ICA should really look into these claims.

This is the professor in question. He is from Tianjin and he did his PhD in Peking University.

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