From Now to 4 July, Anyone can Submit Feedback on GST Hike to MOF

As part of its “public consultation” efforts, the Ministry of Finance is seeking feedback on its proposed GST changes. What concerns Singaporeans most is of course the GST hike. It is slated to increase from 7 to 8% next year and then to 9% in 2024.

The public may submit their feedback to MOF’s email address using a template on this website. Anyone can do so by 4 July.

What is the point?

Is there a point for us to give feedback on the GST hike when things have already been decided by the PAP? If we express our opinions, will they listen? If many of us think we should get rid of GST hike, will they follow suit? This is redundant and a waste of time. It seems like just a process for the government to convince themselves that they consulted the public before implementing whatever they want.

The reality is that Singaporeans do not welcome the GST hike. Even without it, prices of everything are increasing at a steady and scary rate. How will Singaporeans cope when the government implements the first GST hike on 1 Jan 2023? How will it affect people who are already struggling with the rising cost of living?

That being said, anyone who wants to submit their feedback to MOF can go ahead. However, the government body is mainly looking for feedback on its legislative drafting, i.e. if it can be better worded or presented, and not so much of how we feel about its irreversible decision on the GST hike.

Consultation does not mean listening to citizens

Do you think their so-called “public consultation” will make a difference to us? It is pointless to seek feedback on something they forced upon us. They never gave us a choice. Why bother asking for our views?

The government must wake up its idea on how it consults with citizens. This is not the way to do it and this is not the time to do it. This is not called consulting or listening to Singaporeans. Will you be submitting your feedback?