Hawkers and Businesses Rally To Name & Shame “Karen” Customer

Hawkers and business owners in Tampines who have encountered a “Rosanna” are now rallying to warn others about this unreasonable customer. Essentially what Rosanna aka “Familia Cils” does is make an order, say it’s not up to her standards, and then demand a refund while threatening to post online to “name and shame” the businesses.

Here are some of the negative reviews she has left.

1) Free pencai claypot cracked when she reheated food

Just this Chinese New Year, she wrote that she ordered a Pen Cai from Cui Nyonya Kueh, and complained that her claypot cracked the next day. You can read the full complaint below, but other netters noted that if she left the pen cai in the fridge and immediately put it on the stove to heat it up the next day, it would crack due to the change in temperature.

Original post on Facebook

A netter called Cui Nyonya to confirm the story, and according to him, she never once thanked Cui Nyonya in her multiple orders whenever there was a mistake and they tried to fix it.

“Cui Nyonya company also say this karen never even say thank you when they try to fix her order mistake. In fact, she ordered from Cui Nyonya many times already. She keep on send FB message + Whatsapp message together despite telling her to stop. KNN siao lang.

Cui company forgot to give her crackers for the yusheng, then they go out of their way to send it to her house with Lalamove, no extra charge, but this karen never even say thank you! Sibei rude!”

Original post on Facebook

2) V aesthetics never give her mooncake

That’s basically it. She thinks she spent a lot and was angry that the aesthetics chain did not send her mooncake.

Original post on Facebook

3) Noodle not nice so demand refund

This is an account from a netter who claims that his mother sells noodles at Tampines.

My mum is a hawker, selling noodles at 800+ Tampines, and we also kena from this Familia. Last November 2023, she order noodles from my mother and say not nice. Then she demand refund or else she gonna post online and shame us.

Original post by Nicholas Soong on Facebook

Nicholas also shared that this Rosanna/Familia Cils is a long hair aunty, about 145-155cm, always wearing grey clothes. She has tried this on multiple food establishments in Tampines, and these store owners just about had enough.