Pritam Singh

Pritam Singh Issues His Own POFMA To The Straits Times

Dr Gillian Koh of the Institute of Policy Studies is a well-known PAP mouthpiece who always writes opinion articles on the Straits Times. This time, she misrepresented WP’s election strategy in an ST Opinion piece. This is what her new opinion piece said.

“the WP said it will tilt towards the strategy of fighting to form the Government at the next GE.”

Gillian Koh via The Straits Times

This is completely false. WP never said such a thing. Her statement of fact is wrong.

Here is Pritam Singh’s response

Correction Notice


An opinion piece in the Straits Times today stated that “the WP said it will tilt towards the strategy of fighting to form the Government at the next GE.”

This is false.

Until and after the PAP Government announces the formation of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee, I foresee Singaporeans will hear of similar unsubstantiated ambitions and agendas – attributed to the WP – more frequently. Perhaps there is a view that such rhetoric will cause swing voters to turn conservative and vote PAP.

The WP has been open about its electoral agenda for some years now. The medium-term goal is to play our part in ensuring at least 1/3 of Parliament is not in the PAP’s hands. My WP colleagues and I have repeated this on a number of occasions both in and out of Parliament. In our view, a better balanced political system is in Singapore’s fundamental interests, and it will play an important role in giving birth to a more united Singapore going forward.

Like many Singaporeans, the WP seeks an evolution, not a revolution of our political system. We will do our best in this endeavour.

Opposition parties should be allowed to use POFMA against people who spread falsehoods too!

It shouldn’t just be a tool for PAP. Pritam Singh shouldn’t have had to use his own Facebook to tell people.