Tampines Accident

Tampines Accident: Drivers Refused To Give Way To Emergency Vehicles

Reckless driving has caused many accidents in Singapore, but yesterday’s accident at the junction of Tampines Avenue 1 and Avenue 4 reminds us just how entitled Singaporean drivers are.

Authorities were called to the scene at about 7.05am. Four cars, a van and a minibus were involved in the accident. Six other people were taken to hospital, including a 42-year-old car driver who is assisting with police investigations.

Drivers Refused To Give Way To Ambulance

According to another driver who happened to go pass the scene, she shared that ambulances had difficulty accessing the accident site because cars refused to give way to them. This is despite the ambulance turning on their sirens and announcing through their speakers for cars to give way for emergency.

“I did high beam on and off the front cars and also signal to move to the left (cos ambulance was a few vehicles behind me) so my car able to move as much as possible to give way. Every cars just move an inch will be a yard right? But the small lorry just refused to give way and stop right in front of my car.

Usually cars don’t stop so close to one another at the traffic lights.

I can see that there were ample space in front of the lorry and also the cars in front right ahead, so I high beam and honk to move again.

But yet many cars not moving an inch. And one even wind down the window to scold ‘why u high beaming me!'”

Sherry Tan

It is so disappointing to see that not only drivers are not giving way, they had the audacity to scold others who are trying to educate them. So did the two victims die because drivers didn’t want to give way?

Other than the reckless drivers causing accidents, the drivers who refused to give way are also to blamed.