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Who Is Ma Su Nandar Htwe, The Woman Who Made False Claims About KKH?

Also known as the one who threw Wake Up Singapore (WUSG) under the bus. In the world of news, telling it like it is supposed to be a golden rule. But sometimes, this backfires when malicious individuals like Ma Su Nandar Htwe (Su) try to pull a fast one.

Ma Su Nandar Htwe

If you have not been following this news, back in March 2022, Wake Up, Singapore (WUSG) shared a story about a woman who claimed that she suffered a miscarriage after waiting four hours to see a doctor at KK Hospital’s (KKH) A&E department. The woman has since been revealed in today’s news to be Su.

Basically, the news received a lot of attention, and it was subsequently revealed to be false. KKH then decided to sue both WUSG and Su for defamation.

But here’s the thing: Wake Up Singapore didn’t know Su was lying when they shared her story.

They thought they were helping someone who had been through a tough time. As soon as WUSG found out Su was pulling a fast one, they owned up to their mistake. They took down the story and said sorry to everyone who had seen it. WUSG tried to fix things as best as they could, showing they’re serious about getting the facts straight.

Su is the real troublemaker here. Who is she?

By making up stories, she not only hurt WUSG and KKH’s reputation but also made it harder for real victims to be heard. The internet always keeps score. So what do we know about her?

Ma Su Nanda Htwe is a Myanmar national and a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR). She has been studying in Singapore, attending St Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, and subsequently acquired her business degree from SIM – University at Buffalo (UB) in Singapore.

She is not a lawyer.

Despite her claims that she and her husband are both lawyers, she is actually a Project Analyst with OCBC bank. Her (since deleted) WordPress also says that she was working as a Human Resource Executive in October 2018.

She has since privatized or deleted most of her social media profiles, but here is an old tweet from her saying that “Singaporeans should know better than to flock flock everywhere like termites”.

So why am I sharing this with you fellow readers?

I strongly believe that the government and the mainstream media has been focusing way too much on WUSG in this case. Ariffin Sha’s face has been splattered all over the news while all they are giving us is this woman’s name and nationality.

She probably just got her MBA from SMU too.

As legal proceedings unfold, it is imperative to recognize WUSG’s role as a facilitator of discourse and information dissemination, operating within the confines of ethical journalism. While accountability must be upheld, it is Su who should bear the brunt of responsibility for her deceitful actions.