Ho Ching Tells Singaporeans to Stop “Bitching” About Covid-19 Restrictions

In a Facebook post on Wednesday, Ho Ching told Singaporeans to stop behaving like “spolit kids” and “bitching” about the freedom to dine in bigger groups.

She said that restriction measures are necessary so that our hospitals don’t end up overwhelmed like the US.

She asked Singaporeans to stop complaining:

So folks who bitch about their freedom to dine in bigger groups, whether as family or as friends, just stop it!

We still can go out to parks for walk, we can still cook at home or order dine in if we wish.

We can as a family find ways to bond and celebrate family time, without insisting that we must have steamboat at a restaurant for “full experience”.

That’s just BS bellyaching.

We are just spoilt kids if we keep on harping on our disappointment about dining and freedoms.

Ho Ching’s Facebook

She went on to say that she sympathised with F&B owners so she did her part by ordering a lot of deliveries. Then she told Singaporeans to “do our best to help instead of wasting our energies on tantrums and bitching.”

Who does she think she is? Singaporeans’ nanny? Does she have the right to tell us off like this?

Sure, we need the restrictions to bring down the infection rate. But how did it come to this state in the first place? Did the MTF do anything when the cases were rising uncontrollably?

So to Ho Ching, stop calling Singaporeans spoilt. Don’t expect Singaporeans to tolerate the situation when it was the MTF who led us in the wrong direction!

Here’s her full post: