Grace Fu: Coffeeshops Should Clean Toilets Every Half An Hour

Grace Fu is the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment. She recently said that public toilets in coffeeshops must be cleaned every half an hour during peak period.

She was responding to a question by MP Melvin Yong, who asked about the minimum standard for coffeeshop toilets. In her reply, Grace Fu said that coffeeshops must “implement upstream measures” to ensure their toilets are cleaned and disinfected.

“Premises Managers of coffeeshops are recommended to… clean their toilets once every one to two hours during non-peak period, and every half-hour during peak period.”

How feasible is this?

She reminded coffeeshops that action will be taken if they fail to achieve minimum standards of cleanliness.

Grace Fu on the kind of cleaning equipment to use

What’s more, she brought up NEA’s advisory on cleaning toilets and suggested for coffeeshop managers to look at the type of cleaning methods and equipment they should use. Here are more details on the many different kinds of cleaning tools:

What do you think of her recommendations? Will coffeeshop managers be able to adhere to them or will it be impossible? Do Singaporeans need to hear such advice from a highly-paid minister?