Kirsten Han – There Is Still Truth In Raeesah Khan’s Account

This week’s most viral news is that Raeesah Khan lied in parliament about having accompanied a rape victim to the police. Instead, the victim had shared the account in a support group for sexual assault survivor, and she did not have the victim’s consent to share her story in Parliament.

Kirsten Han’s Post

Raeesah should have been more honest about the origin of the story. However, there is still a lot of truth in her account. As Kirsten Han rightfully pointed out, law enforcers in Singapore do not handle sexual assault cases well.

Regardless of where the story came from, it is not an isolated case. There are other testimonies about similar incidences. Other survivors have talked about issues they face when they go to the police to report sexual harassment or assault.

What we should do is to make our law enforcers more well-equipped for dealing with sexual assault survivors. Unfortunately, the spotlight is now on the fact that Raeesah Khan lied about where she got the story from.

Instead of making a safer space for sexual assault survivors, the government and their supporters are now spending their time on shaming Raeesah Khan.

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