My Mother’s In Hospital After Her Crazy Church Friends Said Ivermectin Can Cure Covid-19

A woman landed in hospital after being influenced by her church friends to take Ivermectin. Ivermectin is an unapproved, controversial medication used to treat parasite infestations and must not be used to treat Covid-19.

The woman’s friends are from Risen Christ Church. They are not doctors or medical experts but they claim that mRNA vaccines are against their religion and told her to eat Ivermectin to prevent Covid-19. They even bought the unapproved medicine for her.

After eating it, she experienced terrible side effects and had to be rushed to hospital. She was dizzy, tired, vomited, lost her appetite, had severe joint pains and could not walk or stand.

Her daughter was furious and posted on Facebook to warn everyone against fake “experts” like her mother’s church friends. They brainwashed her mother so badly she could not convince her to get vaccinated. They told her things like:

  • mRNA is against their religion. If they are allowed to take the vaccine, Jesus will reach out to them directly.
  • Even if she takes Sinopharm, she will not go to heaven.
  • Ivermectin can cure Covid-19.

Their reckless claims have gotten her mother in hospital while they remain healthy and happy. Is it fair to let them roam free and continue to hurt more people?

“To all of you out there who feel that you know better than the doctors because of google, DON’T. There is nothing more disrespectful than trying to do someone else’s profession, when you are severely unqualified – and that applies for not just Judy, Clara [the church friends] but also shamefully, my mom.

Discuss with your family, no matter how you feel your good friends are better because they are more pious. Because sitting outside the A&E was not Judy or Clara. It was Vanessa Koh [the daughter]. Because sitting outside at the hospital taxi stand was not Judy or Clara. It was Vincent Koh. Because sitting at the admission counter paying for the bill was not Judy or Clara. It was Vanessa Koh.

Do not let the Judy-s and Clara-s in your life overlook the people who truly matter. Family.”