Chee Soon Juan – MOH’s Knee Jerk Reactions Don’t Make Sense, SDP To Present COVID Exit Strategy

Just yesterday, Singapore Democratic Party’s leader Chee Soon Juan shared that SDP has a plan to tackle the pandemic. The plan will be an “8-point exit strategy” drawn up by their healthcare panel. More importantly, Prof Paul Tambyah, a leading infectious disease expert, will be leading the team.

In his Facebook post, Chee highlighted the shortcomings of MOH and the taskforce’s strategies. He noted that many of their policies contradict each other. For example, social gatherings are limited to 2 per group, but yet group tours have a limit of 50 pax. Additionally, if four people are from different households, they cannot share a cab but they can hop onto a crowded bus or MRT.

“Where do these people get their ideas from? Whoever is writing them need to remove their heads from their derrière.”

Chee Soon Juan

He also shared his experience as an F&B business owner of Orange & Teal. The restaurant has experienced no-dining-in, to groups of two with conditions, to five with more conditions, back to no-dining-in “in less than a month”, then back to two with modified rules, to five with more modified rules and now to two.

“This yo-yo type of policy-making is driving everyone nuts; there is no logical consistency. It certainly doesn’t inspire confidence in their ability to tackle the pandemic which is putting businesses and jobs under immense pressure.”

Chee Soon Juan

Chee puts this in contrast with events that suit the government’s purpose, such as the National Day Parade, pointing out that the government has no problems holding these events.

Finally an opposition party member speaks up for the people about the lack of consistency from our government. They have been changing their strategy by the week. First they said that they would like it to be an endemic, and then they tighten restrictions when they realize that the country cannot handle it.

The MTF should have known that the healthcare system wouldn’t be able to take it. They could have made plans to increase our capacity and built more community care centers in the first place. This is what happens when they don’t have an infectious disease expert nor anyone with relevant experience leading their team.

Update – SDP has published their COVID exit plan, you can find it here.