Multi-Ministry Taskforce

I am Sick of MTF’s Incompetence. What will Happen if One of Them Becomes Prime Minister?

We are in a Covid-19 “Stabilisation Phase” but the situation is far from stable. Yesterday, there were 3439 cases and 16 deaths. Singaporeans had enough of the multi-ministerial task force as they screwed up so many times. An angry commenter said:

“I am legitimately sick and tired of the MMTF and their incompetence. They’ve proved themselves to lack foresight and handle crisis. At this rate, the long term impacts are getting worse and worse”.

Is it better if we let older 3G leaders and medical professionals take charge? Right now, the only medical expert on the panel is Prof Kenneth Mak. But this is about a virus. Shouldn’t they have more doctors who are in the official task force addressing Singaporeans? These are people we can rely on for accurate information and advice. Not flip-flopping politicians who lack medical knowledge but want to teach us what to do and tell us they are right.

The task force should be filled with people who can expect and plan for the future. But what we see now is a task force that always waits for something to happen and then take days to react to it. By then, the situation already got worse.

It has been like that for two years and people are sick of it. That is not what we want in a time of crisis. That is not who we want to bring us through the pandemic.

Things are bad enough now. What is going to happen when one of them becomes the next Prime Minister?