PAP is Quick to Investigate Raeesah Khan. What About Ivan Lim?

Raeesah Khan was lambasted left right centre for lying in Parliament. Yesterday, the Workers’ Party agreed to form a disciplinary panel to look into her lies. It took just 3 months for the police to check if she was telling the truth, for PAP to expose her lies, smear her online and push for her investigation.

Meanwhile, there is no sound from PAP about Ivan Lim’s case. Almost 1.5 years have passed since they promised to investigate him for his questionable character. In 2020, Ivan Lim was handpicked for the PAP’s team in Jurong GRC but withdrew after getting called out for being arrogant and elitist.

Then, PM Lee Hsien Loong said:

It sets a very damaging precedent that you can condemn somebody and write him off on the basis of an internet campaign. We don’t have time to settle it now, but we can’t simply write off and destroy people like this.

That sounds like what PAP is doing to Raeesah Khan now.

3 months vs 1.5 years and counting. The PAP cannot blame Singaporeans for comparing the amount of time it took to investigate Raeesah Khan and Ivan Lim. Do they think we forgot about it after so long and do not need answers?

It will not be surprising if Raeesah Khan gets disciplined before we hear about Ivan Lim. If that happens, PAP must be prepared for Singaporeans to make noise about the unfairness. They should be careful not to destroy themselves in the process of destroying other people.