NUS Student Unhappy that Canteen Auntie cannot Speak English

A NUS student was annoyed that canteen aunties and uncles cannot speak English even though they work in a top university.

I think it’s unfair that NUS as an English speaking institution allow canteen staff who don’t speak English at all to work. As a non-Chinese speaking race, I was outright ignored when the canteen staff didn’t understand me. When I ask how much the food was, she replied in Chinese. And when I asked for extra chili she just waved her hand indicating she doesn’t know what Im talking about. I kept my sentences short and I dont have any heavy accents

The student clarified that he is not blaming the staff in particular. He just wants the school to uphold a certain standard.

I am okay if I go to Chinatown for example and they don’t speak English as their primary customers will be Chinese-speaking people. However, as a university with many international students, the school should impose a standard of being able to service the university population.

What is your view on this? Should the school make it compulsory for canteen uncles and aunties to know basic English?