TraceTogether Is Useless Now That MTF Admits Blunderbuss Contact Tracing

The sheer volume of covid-19 cases has forced the MTF to admit that it is simply impossible for them to track cases anymore. They admitted that all along they have been taking a “blunderbuss” (anyhow) approach to contact tracing. Now they have lost control of the situation. So since tracking is useless, what’s the point of TraceTogether?

Isn’t it time to abolish TraceTogether since it is serving no purpose in contact tracing? What is the point of using it when the data is being collected for nothing? Is it being used for other purposes?

So much taxpayers’ money went into developing TraceTogether and now it is deemed inefficient. This was indeed a blunder all along. MTF was dragging the country under the bus!

The MTF says now it will take a more “targeted” approach of contact tracing only in vulnerable settings like hospitals, nursing homes and pre-schools. We all know that this is just an excuse to say ringfencing failed and they have given up. This is not the first time they are flipping prata.

Previously when cases exploded, MOH announced it would stop reporting number of unlinked cases. When hospitals and community care facilities were overloaded, everyone was forced to quarantine at home. When there were problems with home recovery, they said it was a pilot programme.

Flip flop all the way but no courage to scrap TraceTogether!