Will we Follow Europe and Impose $2000 Fines for not Taking Booster Shots?

Should vaccines and booster shots be made compulsory? Should we be punished if we choose not to take it?

Austria is the first country in Western Europe to impose fines on its citizens. Starting next year, those who do not get vaccinated will be fined ~S$5,500. People who do not take booster shots will also be fined around S$2,300.

In time to come, will the Singapore government follow them? For a government that loves fines so much, they may already have thought of drastic measures to force everyone to get vaccinated and the booster. It is not unexpected if they also want to be like Austria and make citizens pay.

Like what PAP always tell Singaporeans: It is not if but when. How many more doses do we need to take? When will this end? Will they make us pay for it if it does not end?